The Trails2Ales Tale

We love to ride and we love to drink quality beer. Brought together on a ‘Taste of the Race’ ride in Quantico, VA, we found we shared an interest in exploring new trails and trying new ales but not losing appreciation for the dependable, reliable options of which we’ve grown fond. We also realized we shared a curiosity about the origin and maintenance of the trails we enjoy: trail features, terrain, design, and sustainability. And we can’t forget the bikes, and the gear, and the cool things people do with them. We are not pro-level riders and you won’t see us on Super DH courses or dropping in some sheer rock face. We simply enjoy getting out on the trails and getting into the ales. And, oh those ales…and stouts and goses and saisons! We find great joy in sharing and comparing the many styles and varieties of the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage.  And we want to share that joy with you. Through our blog, podcast and vlog we aim to bring you stories of all things bikes and beer.

Because Bikes + Beer = Better!